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Protect drivers, passengers and communities

Drivers are our front-line staff and face potential exposure to risk while going about their day- today business. Drivers should be sensitised to the risk and provided with guidance on risk mitigation to themselves, their passengers and other persons they may come into contact with while performing their duties.

The fleet manager/dispatcher should take the following steps to minimise the risks of virus transmission by drivers and vehicle passengers:

  • Only permit essential journeys.
  • Minimise the number of passengers.
  • Avoid switching vehicles between drivers. If vehicles must be pooled, then instruct drivers to wipe down every touched surface in a vehicle – first when entering the vehicle and second, when they return it.
  • Vehicles are equipped with hand sanitiser and cleaning wipes, a diluted bleach solution, water supply, soap and paper towels. Update the vehicle checklist accordingly. 
  • Provide non-shareable Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), such as:
    - Helmets and gloves for motorbike riders
    - Disposable gloves, this will help protect drivers, especially when visiting fuel stations.
  • Ensure drivers and passengers have accessible disinfecting stations before they enter or after they exit a vehicle. 
  • Ensure that the working environment (driver waiting room, dispatcher / fleet managers office) allows to create a minimum of 2 meters of social distancing. 
  • Conduct daily check-ins to determine if drivers are fit to drive. 
  • Communicate frequently and creatively about the hygiene protocol. There is no such thing as too much communication when it comes to the health and safety of staff:
    - Send daily message to passengers and drivers, reminding them of specific part of protocol.
    - Encourage 2-way interactions by asking them to post pictures of them implementing the hygiene standards.
  • Emphasise the importance of personal responsibility and action in this emergency. In
    the event a driver is experiencing any COVID symptoms, he / she inform the fleet manager as soon as possible. Let your drivers know it is safe to report and they will not be penaliized for communicating this.

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