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Flash Vehicles COVID-19 Response Plan

Like many organisations, Flash Vehicles has spend a much of their time enhancing and implementing a COVID-19 Response Plan, which includes safety guidelines, driver protocols, vehicle disinfection, business continuity considerations and procedures for situations such as “What to do if a staff member develops symptoms?” or “What to do if a staff member has had direct or indirect exposure to a potential COVID-19 case?“.

Flash Vehicles are not health experts, their COVID-19 Response Plan is based on guidance from the World Health Organisation (WHO), Centres for Disease Control (CDC) and leading government health authorities. They also draw on firsthand experience from the work they did during the Ebola epidemic, where they managed over 250 vehicles in three countries working with the WHO, CDC, Ministries of Health, Médicins Sans Frontières and other organisations critical to the response.

Attached you will find Flash’s COVID-19 Response Plan, which they are happy to share with the Fleet Forum community. While they appreciate that you will already have your own procedures in place, our hope is that sharing this type of information will help all of us effectively address the situation.

Discaimer: The information compiled in this document is based on what is understood by Flash to be best available information at the time of this document’s preparation and is current as of the date stated on the face of this document, as may be further qualified by the date stated in any note found in this document. Flash Vehicles nor Fleet Forum accept any liability and any action you take upon the information on this article is strictly at your own risk.

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