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How to deal with a person showing symptoms?

    The fleet manager/dispatcher should take the following steps to ensure that suspected or confirmed cases of Coronavirus are handled with the least risk of transmission for drivers.

    Your transport plan should clearly outline what to do if there is a suspected or confirmed case of Coronavirus among staff or drivers.

    Here are some measures to consider when developing your plan:

    • In case of any suspected or confirmed case of coronavirus, the Country Director shall be immediately informed
    • In case a staff member is experiencing any Coronavirus symptoms, the individual MUST NOT be permitted to travel and must remain in isolation, unless deemed differently by the Country Director
    • In the event it is necessary for staff who are suspected tobe transported (for example to hospitals of self-quarantine places), it is advised to take the following measures: 

            - Any driver transporting suspected case passenger must wear a face mask and gloves    

            - Only one suspected case passenger should be transported at a time

            - After transporting the suspected case passenger, the driver will carry out the disinfection of the     vehicle used

            - Anyone involved in the cleaning of the vehicle of the isolated person must wear full Personal Protection
               Equipment (PPE). For any wet cleaning this includes: 1. Goggles 2. Particulate mask 3. Disposable gown 4.
               Latex or nitrile gloves inner gloves 5. Heavy duty re-usable outer gloves 6. Rubber boots or rubber shoe

            - Anyone cleaning/disinfecting the vehicle of the isolated person must put on and take off PPE properly (PPE        

            - Any personnel before and after removing PPE must perform hand hygiene;

            - Any waste including discarded PPE from the infected person must be kept a part for three days before    
              being disposed of with other waste;

           - Personnel carrying waste must wear gloves and mask and must perform hand hygiene; in case PPE is not
             available, the Country Director is responsible for taking any decision on temporarily suspending transport or
             limiting this to critical activities. 

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