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Webinar video: To rent or to buy - that is the question.

Renting of vehicles has always been an effective method for supplementing fleet capacity for aid and development organisations. From short-term rental from the local market during rapid on-set emergencies, to long-term operations in complex security environments where a low organisation profile is required, or simply temporarily adding to fleet to meet a short-term increase in transport demand the local vehicle rental market can used effectively to provide additional capacity.

However, there is an increasing trend for agencies use rental vehicles for the longer-term and as a primary means of vehicle/transport acquisition.

In this webinar we look at the drivers behind this increasing reliance on rental vehicles, identify the challenges and risks associated with the use of rental vehicles, consider whether rental or purchase provide best value for money and how analysis can be made and to assist in making well-informed decisions on the most appropriate choice of vehicle provision. 

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The Q&A document for this webinar is at the bottom of this article. 

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