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WFP: COVID-19 mobility services preventative measures SOP

WFP has put together a standard operating procedure, giving guidance to Admin Officers, Fleet Managers, Mobility Focal Points and Staff on:

  • How to increase the awareness of mobility customers and providers on COVID-19
  • How to prevent COVID-19 outbreak during the operation of mobility services and
  • How to deal with a potential case of COVID-19 during operations.

What makes this SOP unique is that there is clear line of responsibilities and accountability. Furthermore, the guidance is built on different scenarios, allowing for offices to access guidance that best matches their current situation.

At the bottom of the screen, click on the download to access the file. This document can serve as an example for HQ of aid and development organisations as well as regional and country offices who are currently putting together guidance for their transport operations.

Please consider your specific context when reviewing the guidance.

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