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New methodology vehicle fuel consumption

Sanad Rayyan shared this idea 22 months ago

When you hear "vehicle fuel consumption" your thinking goes directly to L/100KM or MPG which what I will speak about in this discussion.

I don't see any logic to calculate the amount of consumed fuel based on the distance driven, how can we compare between low speed (20-30) and high speed (80-100) to get a result of L/100KM.

If we drive a car in traffic jam for 1 hour, it will consume around 6 liters of fuel while we will not exceed the 10 KM of distance driven in that trip, in the mean time, the same car will consume the same amount of fuel If we drive it on the highway with speed 100KM/h for 100 KM. Both trips have the same consumed 6 Liters of fuel and both trips took 1 hour of time driven. but they have a big deference of distance driven.

Why not to change the worldwide thinking and to start calculate the fuel consumption based on time driven not based on the distance driven. isn't more accurate?

It will be more accurate if we say that the fuel consumption of this car is 6L/h instead of 6L/100km. whatever the road situation (highway, mountain, traffic jam) the fuel consumption per hour will be the same.

Please share your comments and opinion.

Sanad Rayyan

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