Sustainable transport for a better world.

Presentations 2019 Pre-conference workshops

Session #1 - The benefits and challenges of electric vehicles

Session #2 - Uber-ize your fleet: Leveraging on-demand technology to drive fleet efficiency
Flash Vehicles

Session #3 - Running a fleet safety campaign: A telematics perspective

Session #4 - The value of investing in people
Jean-Philippe Lézeau - Toyota Gibraltar Stockholdings

Session #5 - Apps: Sharing the Responsibility for better Fleet Management
Tony Connolly and Gwyn Roberts - TerraMar Networks

Session #6 - To be or not be: A sitting duck
Louis Huijzen and Lennart Alkemade - TSS

Session #7 - How to reward every crash-free kilometre

Session #8 - Armoured vehicles: Mid-life refurbishment and end-of-life destruction
Carl Kenyon and Rowan Carpenter - Jankel

Session #9 - Fleet management success: How to engage all of your organisational stakeholders

Session 10 - Improving the tender process
Patrick Onderwater and Daan Geurts - pk trucks

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