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Fleet System Implementation Guide

It is often thought that introducing a Vehicle tracking system (VTS) and/or a Fleet Management System (FMS) will solve a wide range of problems concerning the management and control of vehicle fleets. However, it must be recognised that such systems are merely tools and if the tools are not chosen, designed, and employed correctly, little benefit will be achieved.

Successful implementation of these technological tools requires significant commitment from the organisation to ensure these tools are used correctly. Therefore, the decision to implement new technology should not be taken lightly. It should be approached with a clear goal in mind and the ability to see how technology can help to achieve that goal.

In 2019, Fleet Forum, with the support of CLS, developed a VTS/FMS Implementation Guide which provides an overview of the critical success factors for a system implementation project. The information contained is based on discussions with a wide range of organisations which have undertaken such projects – some with success and some with failure. In addition, various suppliers have been consulted for their advice. While following this guide is not a guarantee for success, it highlights many of the key challenges and suggests how to avoid many of the pitfalls that system acquisition and implementation face.

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