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How do you recognize your drivers in your organizations ?

Nathalie Rothschild shared this question 4 years ago
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Would you have any tips, recommendations or concrete actions to share with us on how you recognize good performing drivers in your organizations? What actions have you implemented and why ? have you seen an increase in performance and positive behavior ?

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First and foremost you have to define 'good driver performance' in a measurable and undeniable way and communicate that with management (incl HR) and drivers. Good performance can be no speeding or other traffic violations, fuel efficiency, on time delivery, customer satisfaction.

Ways of driver recognition can include more interesting and rewarding trips in future with more luxury/more expensive vehicles, interesting training opportunities which can open new opportunities and other. I am not such a fan of 'driver of the week/month/year' elections.

But, open to further discussion


Adding to the points that's been mentioned by Gerard, attitude and behavior with the team is essential part of service delivery. Selection training and evaluation to applied to enhance the quality of service.


I also think that a simple public "thank you" to the drivers will go a long way in terms of recognition.

An email to the whole organization highlighting the driver's performance will boost their morale since they will feel recognized and appreciated.

Getting involved in their personal lives, like wanting to know how their families are doing, allowing them time off to attend to family needs (flexible working arrangements) will also be part of recognition. Listening to their needs and addressing what you can is another form of recognition.


In my point of view, I feel that recognizing driver is a challenging task for their supervisors. However, what we can do is to guide them, see them and request them for time to time 1:1 meeting, hearing their feedback and emotions, guide and orient them for their further improvement, motivate them by providing good example and some success and evaluation of the coworkers. It would be good to orient them in terms of safety and security of both staff and assets while travelling and during their entire travel, do don'ts etc. Refresher training will be very helpful and beneficial.


Recognising drivers within an organisation also means prioritising their well-being and ensuring they feel heard and engaged. Engaging with them on a one-to-one basis and conducting regular toolbox talks or team meetings to solicit their thoughts and feedback are essential strategies. These interactions not only allow for a deeper understanding of their motivations and concerns but also show a genuine interest in their welfare.

By making a concerted effort to listen and respond to their ideas and concerns, organisations can create a supportive environment where drivers feel valued and integral to the team's success. This approach not only boosts their well-being but also strengthens their engagement and commitment to the organisation's objectives.

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