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Driver Recruitment Checklist

The development of a driver recruitment and selection procedure is an essential part of ensuring that employees are capable and safe drivers.

If you recruit staff to undertake work which involves driving, you need a clear strategy to integrate necessary safe driving criteria into the overall ‘person specification’ for the job. 

In the attachment, you can find a checklist containing different elements of the review process: 

  • Check the applicant’s references are sound.
  • Check the applicant’s driver’s licence is valid and ensure that the applicant holds the appropriate class of licence for the vehicles (plus trailers) you want him to drive.
  • Explore the past accident or prosecution history and attitudes towards road safety in the interview.
  • Assess driving competence and attitudes at the recruitment stage.
  • Carry out an on-road assessment to ensure that the potential employee is compe- tent to carry out the required driving tasks.
  • Test the candidate’s knowledge of the local rules of the road, or Highway Code where available.
  • Check the applicant’s fitness to drive, health and eyesight.
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