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Testing drivers practical skills

The development of a driver recruitment and selection procedure is an essential part of ensuring that employees are capable and safe drivers.

If you recruit staff to undertake work which involves driving, you need a clear strategy to integrate necessary safe driving criteria into the overall ‘person specification’ for the job. 

It is essential to carry out an on-road assessment to ensure that the potential employee is competent to carry out the required driving tasks.

It should be noted that in many low and middle-income countries, the national driving tests and licence acquisition procedures may not guarantee that the licence holder is suitable and safe to drive for an international organisation. Hence, it’s essential that an organisation conducts its own driver assessment programmes.

To carry out these procedures the organisation will need trained and qualified in-house or sub-contracted driving assessors. Examples of a range of in-house knowledge and practical driver tests can be downloaded below. 

It is important to record the results of the recruitment and selection process, and to provide feedback to the applicant. 

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