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E-Learning: Sustainable Fleet

For many of our members environmental sustainability is top priority. Also for ICRC who have committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by at least 50% by 2030, compared to 2018 levels and to better management of hazardous waste. That’s why an e-learning course on sustainable fleet has been developed with the support of Fleet Forum, to support all staff understand what they can do to contribute limiting environmental impact and help the organisation reaching its carbon reduction targets.

ICRC has now made this self-paced learning course available to other Fleet Forum members to understand the environmental impact of operating a fleet of vehicles and possible ways to reduce it. It includes three different sub-modules targeting different types of roles in the organisation (click to launch the course):

  1. vehicle fleet manager;
  2. vehicle workshop manager;
  3. drivers or passengers being transported in a vehicle.

Is your organisation a Fleet Forum member? Fleet Forum members can access many more fleet management modules in multiple languages. For more information, please Contact Us.

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