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Emergency transport needs assessment

In emergency relief operations, fleet managers are required to support the organisation and implementation of response operations in order to ensure their timeliness and efficiency. Providing vehicles for the mobilisation of staff, equipment and goods of humanitarian assistance organisations, the evacuation of the injured or the resettlement of those directly affected by the disaster, requires a professional fleet management system to maximise effectiveness. 

As the pressure on effectiveness of organisations’ operations is high, especially during the initial phase of the response, preparation of fleet management activities can make a difference between successful and unsuccessful response. 

The emergency transport needs assessment is an activity that must be undertaken every year to ensure you are prepared for whenever you need to upscale your fleet operations. This needs assessment should cover the following:

  1. Anticipate the relief activities based on previous emergencies
  2. Identify any external factors
  3. Determine the operational needs
  4. Assess the available capacity
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