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Conducting fleet risk assessment

Hazard identification and risk assessment

As part of the fleet safety management review, a full and comprehensive hazard identification and risk assessment needs to be carried out and should be reviewed at least annually. This assessment should be conducted by suitably experienced and qualified members of staff.

It should cover all aspects of fleet and driving for work activities and operations, including transport of personnel, material and goods. It should also include subcontracted transport and outsourced transport on behalf of the organisation where applicable.

The hazard and risk assessment information gathered from the review and evaluation needs to be documented within the fleet management system to demonstrate that:

  • All known and foreseeable hazards associated with fleet and driving activities have been identified.
  • The likelihood and consequences of an incident have been assessed.
  • Controls to mitigate significant risks are in place.
  • Emergency response measures are in place to mitigate the impact of incidents.

An example of a Fleet Risk Assessment Process can be downloaded below. It includes a program to assist in the execution of risk assessments. 

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