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Competency framework for safe and sustainable fleet management

In line with Fleet Forum’s strategic aims to enhance, collaborate and influence, we recognise that Fleet Forum needs to do more to build capability across the profession. In 2021, we released a safe and sustainable fleet management competency framework following extensive research and consultation with fleet management, OSH and sustainability professionals.

The framework reflects the significant changes that have occurred in the workplace over the last decade. Today’s fleet management professionals need a broader range of skills, knowledge and behaviours to influence and drive change.

The competency framework includes 48 competencies across eight categories for six roles: Senior Manager, Fleet Manager, Dispatcher, Driver, Passenger and Subject matter experts with responsibility for fleet safety / sustainability.

The level of competencies required for each individual role will vary and depend on factors such as the size of organisation, the nature of the organisation’s activities and the individual’s seniority or career stage.

Who is this competency framework for?

Fleet Forum’s competency framework reflects best practice in fleet safety and sustainability today. It is designed to be an actionable set of standards to help individuals and employers maximise performance and minimise risk.

For professionals involved in safe and sustainable fleet management: competencies enable individuals to align their skills and ambitions with the needs of the workplace, helping to visualise career progression and take an active role in exploring their potential and identify trainings that match the individuals’ ambitions.

For employing organisations: the competency framework can inform the various facets of human resources management, from drafting job descriptions to building development pathways.

For training companies: by using a competency framework to drive choices, training events will more likely address true job needs. The competency framework can help training companies design a programme that meets the needs of their client organisation.


Funded by UPS, this project was managed and carried out by Fleet Forum. This work would not have been possible without the invaluable collaboration of the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH); the Chartered body and largest membership organisation for safety and health professionals.

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