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First Benchmark for Road Safety Exercise Results

In July 2021 Fleet Forum invited its members to participate in a benchmark exercise for road safety, a project funded by the UPS Foundation. 

Ten Fleet Forum members shared their data through a survey and participated in workshops to discuss differences in organizational road safety approaches as well as identify gaps in their current road safety management. 

The benchmark exercise revealed the following:

  • Obtaining crash data at global level is a challenge;
  • There is an underreporting of crashes, especially crashes with damage only;
  • 91% of the participating organisations uses tracking technology, yet only 50% uses it to monitor driver behaviour;
  • Organisations use primarily reactive methods (such as monitoring of crash trends and analysis of crashes) to identify their risks;
  • Make crash reporting as easy possible;
  • Incentivise crash reporting;
  • Use tracking technology such as VTS and apps to reduce unsafe behaviour;
  • Use internal audits to get road safety on the agenda of management;

These and more findings and recommendations can be found in the report attached at the bottom of this article.

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