Sustainable transport for a better world.

Sustainable Fleet of International Humanitarian Organisations

Discovering feasible strategies to reduce the environmental impact of International Humanitarian Organisations transportation of personnel

In 2020, Anna Boldyreva, Master’s student in Business Analysis and Modelling at Radboud University (Nijmegen, the Netherlands) conducted her master thesis at Fleet Forum.

Her research focused on the question what cost-efficient strategies international humanitarian organisations can enable, to reduce the environmental impact of the transportation of their personnel, while providing the demanded level of aid. In her research Anna studied data from various aid and development organisations and developed a System Dynamics Model to support decision making and to test robustness of various fleet related sustainability strategies.

In June 2020 Anna facilitated a webinar ‘Sustainable Fleet of International Humanitarian Organisations’ to talk about her research.

For more information about the System Dynamics Model send us an email at

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