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Advanced Fleet Safety Solutions

After carrying out initial fleet safety review, risk assessment and evaluation of current systems, the next step is to identify gaps and prioritize actions. The challenge is to adopt the most effective combination of measures (it is rarely appropriate to rely on a single intervention), while utilising scarce resources effectively to achieve the best result. These results, in turn, will need to be monitored to ensure the expected fleet safety improvements have been achieved. 

To assist management in prioritising actions, two guides are provided on the Knowledge Platform. The first document lists a set of Minimum Fleet Safety Requirements, while the second suggests Longer Term Fleet Solutions which are to be applied in a second phase of implementation. Scroll to the bottom of this article to download Longer Term Fleet Solutions. 

For each item listed, there is a simple three criteria indicator of its likely effectiveness, its level of difficulty or ease for implementation, and its cost of implementing.

The requirements, solutions and the indicators are for guidance only and can be modified to suit an organisation’s own specific needs and experience.

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