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Managing Crash Reporting & Analysis: Supporting Tools

The Managing Crash Reporting and Analysis Toolkit is designed to help organisations establish a crash reporting and analysis policy and related procedures. This section provides a list of practical tools available to support organisations as they embark on this process, including recommended procedures and suggestions on how to engage and involve staff.

Click on the links to view the articles online or download them at the bottom of this article. 

1) Actions For Managers

2) Insurance Claims

3) Actions for Drivers

4) Crash Roles and Responsibilities

5) Post-Crash Driver Obligations

6A) Toolbox Talk: Reporting Crashes

6B) Toolbox Talk: Reporting Near Misses

6C) Toolbox Talk: Reporting Good Catches

7) Toolbox Talk: Crash Scene Actions

8) Toolbox Talk: Tips for Delivering a Successful Toolbox Talk

9) Investigation Process

10) Crash Cost Calculator (only as attachment below) 

11) Investigation Interview

12) Best Practices for Good Catches

13) Root Cause Analysis Questions

14) Learning from Incidents (LFI) Framework

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