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Developing road safety management system

This Occupational Road and Fleet Safety Guide is built on Fleet Forums’ Fleet Safety Guide that was originally launched in 2008 and which was awarded the Prince Michael of Kent International Road Safety Award in 2009. In this 2019 version, new insights towards road and fleet safety have been included and updates have been made to the original content.

The main purpose of this guide, and associated tools, is to help aid and development organisations reduce, and ultimately eliminate, the number of fatal and serious injury road transport crashes by providing guidance on how to develop and implement an Occupational Road and Fleet Safety Management System. 

This guide has been developed to be sufficiently generic to be adaptable to different organisations in the humanitarian community and their respective cultures around the world and to gain acceptance by their management and staff.

It is strongly recommended that the guidance provided be applied to all fleet and road transport activities in the humanitarian community. The focus of the guide is on managing fleet safety from an occupational perspective.

This includes:

  • Safe People
  • Safe Vehicles
  • Safe Journeys

While the primary focus of this guide is on light vehicles, the same approach can be applied to motorcycle and truck-based or mixed fleet operations. This includes:

  • All organisation, contractor and other vehicles and drivers whilst on the organisation’s premises (‘others’ includes – visitors, suppliers, etc.)
  • All organisation and contractor vehicles and drivers driving on public roads and in public areas on the organisation’s business
  • All road transport activities including personnel and freight movement, and operation of mobile plant (e.g. forklift vehicles)
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it widens the reasoning capacity and teaches on being careful when on the road.


It is very import to understand, driver wellbeing, Journey planning (Road conditions), vehicle mechanical state, all these if well handled road accidents will be greatly reduced.

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