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Quality standards for maintenance and repair service providers

Most aid and development organisations outsource maintenance and repair, and some larger organisations use a mix of both in-house technicians and outside vendors. 

Implementing quality control standards for maintenance and repair service providers can support aid and development organisation to get a better grip on their contractor management. 

The standards can be used when contracting the service provider as well as during the evaluation process. Here are some examples how standards can support the decision-making process in aid and development organisations: 

  • An organisation issues a tender for maintenance and repair services. Using standards assures that maintenance and repair service providers can be compared like for like. 
  • Selecting a maintenance and repair service provider who operates according to standards assures you that topics like workplace safety and waste management are considered. 

The maintenance standards are developed at 3 levels: 

Basic Standards     Describe the minimum quality standards that any maintenance and repair service provider should have in place to be compliant with good practice
Advanced Standards    Describe a commitment to work safer and greener
Professional Standards    Describe standards that aim to a high quality of maintenance and repair service provision and continuous improvement
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