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Webinar video: How to communicate clearly with my manager, and with my drivers?

In this webinar from 11 December, Paul Jansen, Executive Director, speaks about the importance of clear communication.

Fleet managers have many stakeholders who all need different communications. Think about drivers, managers, users, programme staff and procurement. How do you get your story across, how to communicate clearly and how to get attention from senior management? How to use your personal communication to realise your objectives is critical. What is more important, verbal or non-verbal communications and what if you do not say anything at all? Why are senior managers not interested in fleet management?

After this webinar you will understand:

  • how to communicate clearly
  • how to focus your communication
  • what the impact of your personal communication is
  • how to link your personal communication to your objectives

Click on the attachment below to read the Q&A session from this webinar.

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