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ICRC: Garage Waste Management SOP

At ICRC, a study conducted in 2018 identified garage waste as one of the critical waste categories. ICRC, in partnership with the Centre for Business in Society, Coventry University and Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Politecnico di Milano, conducted follow research in 2020-2021 and:

- Assesses the environmental impact of ICRC garage waste through application of scientific methods
- Identified waste management practices with the highest environmental impact
- Proposed recommendations and mitigation actions to ICRC to deal with each type of garage waste

These recommendations have been used to develop standard operating procedures (SOPs) to be implemented in the field by ICRC staff. The results can also be of use for other humanitarian organizations with similar operating contexts as of ICRC. 

ICRC has graciously made this valuable resources available to Fleet Forum member organisations. Organisations have full responsibility for how they use the contents of this document. 

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