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UPS: Global commitment to road safety excellence

Since 1913, when UPS acquired its first Ford Model T delivery car, road safety has been a priority for the company and its people. UPS devotes substantial time and resources to improving the safety of its delivery services for employees, customers, communities and the environment. Through its safety culture and its employees’ collective on-road experi- ence (its drivers log about three billion miles each year), the organisation has a unique insight into road safety.

Around the world, UPS takes a leading role in improving road safety through its partnerships and the UPS Road Code, a program designed for young or inexperienced drivers. But how can UPS maintain its drive to continuously improve the safety of the world’s roads? How does the organisation’s culture contribute to sustaining that drive?

At the 2019 Annual Conference, UPS Director of Human Resources Paul Mooney provided an insight in their over 100 year experience with road safety. Aid and development organisations can learn from their experience. Some of the ideas include:

  • driver training, which is only effective when management is committed and staff is involved;
  • analysing the working environment and hazards are identified;
  • improvements can’t be realised without the right data: drivers should be recognized for safe behavior and road crashes are a management problem.

These are just some of the inspiring ideas. It is important to realise, that this is a system of activities and only if all activities are being executed, the system works. 

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