Sustainable transport for a better world.

Presentations: 2018 Annual Conference: PM Day 1

Day one - Afternoon Breakout session presentations

1.5     Can humanitarian organizations operate with cleaner fleet in the field? 
            Kevin Jones - Toyota Gibraltar Stockholdings (TGS) 
            Phil Scarr - UN
            Rose van Steijn - Fleet Forum

1.6     Changing driver behavior through recognition programs 
            Lukas Nel - World Vision
            Nikita Udhwani - Fleet Forum 

1.7     Career development in fleet management
            Stephan Rausch - UPS
            Rose van Steijn - Fleet Forum 

1.8    Making decisions using the Fleet Management Framework
           Kevin Furniss - A.P. Moller-Maersk

1.9    Plenary Session - Two Billion Eyes
            Bijan Azami - TwoBillionEyes Foundation
            Thomas Schuurmans - ProPortion 

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