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Recognising your drivers

Drivers are responsible for the wellbeing and safety of passengers and other road users. In addition, they are in charge of high-value vehicles, products and equipment. They are the most prominent public ‘face’ of the organisation, and often have to deal with difficult situations, bad roads, hostile environments and unfair demands. At the same time, a driver’s driving style, attitude and general behaviour have a great influence on fleet costs, from fuel consumption to repairs.

Being recognised has a significant impact on employee motivation, retention rates and job satisfaction. Driver recognition initiatives in the corporate sector have proven that investment in such programmes is beneficial and leads to cost savings, while at the same time reducing crashes and improving employee pride.

A successful recognition programme has 5 key qualities:

  • Regular - Provide regular feedback throughout the year, rather than only

    during annual evaluations;

  • Positive - Feedback is not just negative or critical. Instead, most feedback should be encouraging and positive;
  • Two-way - Drivers are encouraged to provide feedback as well, and their suggestions are valued and taken seriously;
  • Transparent - The process for recognising individuals is clearly laid out, well communicated and transparent to avoid accusations of favouritism;
  • Data-driven - Accurate measurements of key performance indicators will assist a programme to be fair and transparent. 

 In the downloadable guidance document, you can find tips on what and how to recognise. 

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