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Webinar video: Utilisation, the road to 100%

Fleet utilisation is a very important to consider as it has a big impact on costs and programme delivery. Getting insight into your fleet utilisation will allow you to gauge the extent to which you are maximising the use of your transport resources.

In this webinar, Nikita Udhwani, Delivery Director for Fleet Forum, will explain items such as: How do you know which vehicles to dispose of? How do you know the best way to re-assign remain vehicles to be as efficient as possible? Fleet utilisation patterns can serve as a key input for short-term and long-term decision-making.

Watch the 45-minute video below or click on this link for the You Tube video. 


Utilisation: What is it?
How to measure utilisation?
What is good utilisation?
Strategies to improve utilisation
Questions and Answers
Wrap up

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